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Dear readers,

Please join Author Lynn Shepherd of “Murder at Mansfield Park” for a bit of holiday fun.  Ms. Shepherd hopes to pin, two Janeite  murder mysteries, Murder at Mansfield Park against PD James’ Death Comes to Pemberley.

She is inviting anyone who’s read both books to write a short review comparing the two, and giving them each a score. The #AustenMurderMatch will start on December 26th and run till Monday 9th January 2012, and at the end all the scores will be added up and the winner announced!

Three of the reviewers who take part will also be chosen at random to receive a prize:

•    One UK reviewer will receive a copy of my next book, Tom-All-Alone’s, a
murder mystery inspired by Charles Dickens’ Bleak House
•    One US or Canada reviewer will receive a copy of my Dickens book under
its North American title, The Solitary House
•    And one reviewer from the rest of the world will receive a signed copy
of Murder at Mansfield Park.

Thanks to Constable and Robinson and Random House for providing the copies of the new book.

Ms. Shepherd has not read the PD James’ book, so she is opening up this contest with a completely open mind – she’d genuinely like to know which book you all prefer. So what do you need to do?

Send Ms. Shepherd an email at contact@lynn-shepherd.com before midnight UK time on Sunday 8th January. The email needs to contain

•    Your Twitter name
•    A review, in English, comparing Death Comes to Pemberley and Murder at
Mansfield Park. This should be no more than 150 words long.
•    A score out of ten for each of the books.
•    The country where you live (this will not be made public – it’s purely
for the purpose of the prize draw).

All your reviews will be published in full on her website (including your Twitter name), though of course she will reserve the right not to publish anything that will be considered inappropriate or offensive. Hopefully there will be enough reviews to allow her to publish them in batches, so she can keep a running score of which book is winning! And of course you can publish your own review on your blog or elsewhere if you want to as well.

Any questions, just send her an email, but otherwise get those quills sharpened, and may the best murder win!

Good luck!



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