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BobMayerWashington Romance Writers hosted a two day workshop, “Write it Forward” taught by Bob Mayer, Author of the “Area 51” series and over 50 books. Mr. Mayer is a West Point Graduate, Former Green Beret, CEO of Cool Gus Publishing and a NY Times Bestselling Author.

In his workshop, Mr. Mayer introduces new writers of fiction and non-fiction his “Who Dares Wins: The Green Beret Way” strategy. According to his website, “Write It Forward is a holistic approach encompassing goals, intent, environment, personality, change, courage, communication and leadership that gives the writer a road map to become a successful author. Many writers become focused on either the writing or the business end…the program integrates the two.”

The first day of the course, Mr. Mayer focused on his “Who Dares Wins: The Green Beret Way” strategy, which is neatly broken into three Major Areas and within each area there are Three Tools that will talk you through the steps to achieve success as an author. Each tool comes with its own topic/lessons and exercises.

In the second and last day of the workshop, Mr. Mayer focused on the steps leading from idea/concept to a finished product and then publishing.

Outside of his paradigm, Mr. Mayer offered the group his thoughts and advice on the dos and don’ts of writing/publishing. The one thing that resonated with me was his concept of fear and how this fear keeps you from fulfilling your destiny as a writer. Some of the fears he mentioned were fear of failure, success, rejection, starting, finishing, fear of ourselves and criticism. He stated that: “…We bend our lives around our fears.” He does provide steps on how to overcome these fears.

He recommended that we do not spend time reading Amazon reviews and especially do not respond to them and as a group that we support each other, network and any information related to the writing and publish industry that we come across we should share with others. He mentioned that he did not believe in large writing support groups, but felt that creating a small circle with two writers will be more conducive to yours and their writing.

I found this workshop a valuable tool that made realize my fears and how these fears were impeding my success at writing. If you are serious about becoming a successful author, I would definitely recommend that you look into the online course or buy the book. The workshop is available at bobmayer.org for a reasonable price or if you prefer you can purchase his book, Write It Forward: From Writer to Successful Author.




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