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Dear Readers,


Jen2Ms. J.T. Bock is the author of stories filled with action, adventure, horror, supernatural beings, romance, and crap like that. After recovering from pop culture overload (and too much wine) at the geek-fest known as the San Diego Comic-Con, J.T. will be adding more excerpts and free downloads of short stories for your reading pleasure—or maybe displeasure—depending if you like silly, creepy things. But they’re free, so get over it.

Also, Ms. Bock blogs periodically. Although she should be blogging more often (according to her PR friends), she’d rather be working on her next story, since her characters are bugging the hell out of her. For more on Ms. Block visit her at her website.

Here is a great article written by Ms. Bock about whether as a writer should you or shouldn’t you attend a writer’s conference at http://jtbock007.blogspot.com/.





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