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At the time of the regency period, Parliament was a “sleepy collection” of peers in the House of Lords and the landed gentry, the Commons.  There were no rules as to how long Government could stay in power, no popular voting, and very little pressing  business-other than to vote on the budget for the army.

Members of the House of Lords consisted of the peerage together with the archbishop and bishops of the Church of England. Members of the House were elected in their counties or boroughs.  This was not considered a problem since they were men of considerable standing.

Parliament, by law, had to meet at least every three years, but because of the restrictions of spending and the army needing to have a budget, it met every year.

The House of Common was divided by two parties, the Tories and the Whigs.  After the 1830s they were known as the Liberals and Conservatives.

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