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Dear Readers,

We are bringing you our first featured author who writes regency period fiction.

Ms. Rebecca Ashley

An Intriguing Innocent. Candlelight #621, 1980.
Characters: Wesley Cresham, Marquis of Linton & Miss Victoria Lyons
Summary: Vagabond’s daughter lives with the housekeeper of a country estate until the new owner arrives and takes her to London.
Setting: English countryside & London

A Season of Surprises. Candlelight #638, February 1981.
Characters: Lord Brandon & Miss Julia Weston
Summary: Lady who scorns marriage finds herself at a house party among ladies vying for a lord.

A Willful Widow. Candlelight #673, September 1981.
Characters: Lord Arvelly & Alamina Wilson
Summary: Widow tries to resist her husband’s heir who controls her money.

Intrepid Encounter. Candlelight #707, 1982.
Characters: Earl of Devlon & Caroline Norton
Summary: A lady travels to Dorset to comfort her widowed niece and encounters her niece’s arrogant brother-in-law.
Setting: Dorset

The Arrogant Aristocrat. Candlelight #695, January 1982.
Characters: Lord Stranham & Miss Daphne Brown
Summary: A penniless squire’s daughter doubts a lord’s honorable intentions.

A Suitable Arrangement. Fawcett, 1987.
Characters: Viscount Wellesy & Mrs. Katie Marshall
Summary: Man whom a widow rejected to marry a rake asks her to be his mistress.
Setting: Kent

A Lady’s Lament. Fawcett, 1988.
Characters: Mr. Giles Blenhurst & Miss Cynthia Thornbury
Summary: A lady with a carefully tended estate wants to buy her neighbor’s wild, overgrown property but he seems amused by her offer.
Setting: Wiltshire

The Right Suitor. Fawcett, 1989.
Characters: Lord Knole & Priscilla Springton
Summary: A lady who longs to remain in India where she was raised tries to avoid her family’s plans to marry her off to a lord.
Setting: Kent & London

Lady Fair. Fawcett, 1990.
Characters: Edwin Sorrels & Cornelia, Lady Devenish
Summary: A widow tries to maintain her husband’s estate, but inquiries by a mysterious gentleman cause her to question how well she knew her spouse.
Setting: Near Plymouth in Devon

Feuds and Fantasies. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: William Haversly & Fiona
Summary: A lady tries to keep her sister away from the brother of the man she blames for shooting her brother in a duel.
Setting: London

Ruins and Romance. Fawcett, 1991.
Characters: Sir Nicholas & Miss Elinor Wentworth
Summary: A lady accepts a friend’s invitation to a house party and discovers that the guests are not all they pretend to be.
Setting: Lincolnshire

An Awkward Arrangement. Fawcett, 1992.
Characters: Lawrence Cambridge, Earl of Lindworth & Miss Molly Mills
Summary: Lord claims that the furniture an Irish lass bought was stolen from him.
Setting: Bath & Chiltern Hills
Rating: very good

A Miss with a Purpose. Fawcett, 1993.
Characters: Cedric, Marquis of Ridgeton & Miss Arabella Fairingdale
Summary: Lady demands that the lord with whom she shares ownership of a mill help improve working conditions.
Setting: Manchester

She wrote other Regencies as Lois Arvin Walker. 

Listing courtesy of http://www.fictiondb.com/author/rebecca-ashley~259.htm




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Dear Readers,

Wanted to wish you all a blessed and happy new year.

2011 promises many things for us all especially for Pamela and I as we have finished our first book, “The Vicar’s Deadly Sin.”  VDS is set in the regency period and it is a romance mystery.  Lady Jane Crittenden and Ms. Margaret Renard are the best of friends.  Both ladies lost their mother during childbirth and have a love for solving mysteries.  Lord Crittenden has recently remarried and much to Lady Jane’s chagrin, since she is nineteen and does not need a mama.  However, she does quickly comes to terms that perhaps her father needs a wife and companionship. Therefore she accepts the new Lady Crittenden all the whilst trying to find out, along with her dear friend Margaret, who killed the Vicar of Dover.

I hope you continue to visit us as we all journey through 2011 and strive to love more, work harder, play well and exceed in our creative endeavors.

One of the things we hope to bring you in the new year is a web serial.  We are still working out the details and hopefully will be producing something for you to enjoy soon.



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Good evening, Dear Readers.

This is the first installment for The Regency Inkwell.

As a lover of the Regency Period, I am in the process of creating writings set in England from this time period. I am a fan of Jane Austen, but my work does not mimic hers.

I am writing a mystery-romance novel set in the Regency Period and have started a second novel. It will be a series of seven novels, each one focused on one of the seven deadly sins, and each containing the same foundation of characters, two young women with a talent for solving mysteries and getting into danger, and the two young men, a baronet and an attorney, who care for them and share their adventures.

More will be coming soon. Until then, take care, pick up a good book or just plainly write one.


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