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Dear Readers,

I know it has been a very long time since I have either posted or done a book review. As many of you are aware running a blog can be time consuming, especially while trying to write your own stories.  However, I am totally dedicated to this blog and the vast of information it brings to writers and readers. I have after much thought decided to expand TRI to include all romance genres, i.e., historical, contemporary, fantasy, science fiction, young adult, horror, and mystery to list a few.

I hope you are excited about this as I am. Think of all the possibilities TRI will experience and you can benefit as you learn more about your favorite authors and their stories. With that said please stay tune and feel free to let me know what you think.

I will be posting another post soon on my experience at the Washington Romance Writer’s Retreat. It was my first time ever attending an event of this magnitude and it was a wonderful experience. Made new friends and discover new authors to write about for TRI.


…Miguelina Perez


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Dear Readers,

Carla Kelly is a popular writer in the Regency Romance genre. Regency romances are a sub-genre of romance novels set during the English Regency period, specifically during the reign of the prince regent who became King George IV in 1820, shortly after the death of his father, King George III.

Ms. Kelly earned a Masters in History and lives in Wellington, Utah with her husband.  Together they have five grown children living across the United States.

She began to write regency romances because of her love for the Napoleonic Wars. A major theme throughout her books is the effect of war on the lives or ordinary people. Most of her characters in surviving the effects of war and in helping others, find in themselves qualities of strength and purpose, which they originally lacked.  Ms. Kelly goes against the norms of the genre by focusing her attention not on the glittering world of London society or the social elite, but on the not so fortunate, which at the time encompassed the bulk of the English population living. Her stories are distinguished by authentic, well-research detail and lightened by humor.

Ms. Kelly has been influenced by Louisa May Alcott, C.S. Forester’s, of  The Hornblower novels, R.F. Delderfield, Joseph Conrad, Nevil Shute, Jack Schaefer, Ernest Haycox, and Charles King.

Her two recent works are The Admiral’s Penniless Bride, a historical romance published through Harlequin and Borrowed Light.

I hope you give her an opportunity and check some of her works, if you haven’t already done so.



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